Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitzbühel In The Summer

Dropped in on my bro's at the KSC the other day on my way back from the Czech Republic. As great as Kitzbühel is in the winter, it's ten times as great in the summer.

One of the most amazing things I found is that the KSC froze the steep parts of the course so hard for the race that there's still almost two meters of snow left on some of the steeper sections, like the exit of the Steilhang and at the bottom of the Mausefalle.

You can still see my neon green tape (with notes to Andy & Brian) on the wiring box at the Alte Schneisse.

Hermann at the Alte Schneisse.

Petra is going to scout an area for a FIS-piss tree in Kitzbühel

This is the exit to the Steilhang, where Bode skied up onto the Vexar during the 2008 DH to keep from dying. Still almost two meters of snow there.

You could still ski down the Steilhang, no problem, on May 25.

The KSC Mountain Goat stands watch proudly over the golf course. The Hausebergkante and the Zielschuss have a high "pucker factor" even in the summer.

Yours truly at the Alte Schneisse breakover.
Hermann at the bottom of the Mausefalle.

James at I1.
The top of the Kitzbühelerhorn seems to have more snow on it in late May than it did during the race.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Closest Finish

For 2008, I upgraded the entire Pit Crew Challenge timing system from 1/100 resolution to 1/1000 resolution. The teams are so evenly matched....they use the same equipment, they train the same way, they use the same coaches; like any NASCAR race out on the track, the PCC is extremely close competition.

The upgrade came in handy. In the Skills competition, the Top 10 in each discipline were covered by about 1.5 seconds.

Here's the Lynx image of the closest finish - 2 vs 31. Decided by 0.052 seconds.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's NASCAR Time

In Charlotte for the NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge. Always a trip to parachute into NASCAR world for a few days. Started things off by going to my favorite soul food restaurant, Mert's Heart and Soul, with Trampass & Brandy.