Friday, June 26, 2009

Arguing couple does no damage with Cheetos


Well, duh. According to my rough, back-of-the-envelope calculations, you could hit somebody with a Cheeto traveling just shy of the speed of light and still not do any damage.

In order to assemble enough Cheeto mass to do any damage, you'd have to pack about a cubic meter of Cheetos into a compactor, smush it down to, say, a cubic centimeter, and only then - with a really powerful slingshot - would you potentially generate enough kinetic energy to where somebody would actually say "ouch" if they were hit with it.

Any physicists out there want to argue about it?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog At Freight Trains

I'm not a big dog lover, but this pooch, I must admit, is pretty cool.


Filmed at Ma'alea (over near the Maui Aquarium) last week. The break is "Freight Trains" aka "The Fastest Wave In The World". The surf was epic here last week for 4 or 5 days straight.

The big fat doucheknuckle who owns the dog repeatedly drops in on the surfers behind him (typical Standup Paddler fuckwad), however, in this case I can overlook his lack of etiquette.

Check out the shortboarders behind the SUP getting fully shacked.

And that, dear friends, is why we love Hawai'i.

Friday, June 19, 2009


From the "it's just a figure of speech" department.............


"Dude, we don't have any actual diamonds....but can I interest you in a nice golden fleece"?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Gotta Love Dwight Howard

Even though he choked away Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs by missing two free throws with 11 seconds to go, I just have to love Dwight Howard. As if his T-Mobile commercials with Chuck Barkley and Dwayne Wade weren't hilarious enough, this 23-year-old Superman with the gap-toothed silly grin, the scariest raw talent in the NBA since Michael Jordan, is just so damn likeable.

Check out his goofy impression of Orlando coach Stan van Gundy:


Here's a guy who is already the best Center in the NBA...and he doesn't yet have a jump shot, a hook shot, or a post-up game. Yet. That's akin to a tennis player who wins Wimbledon with a lousy backhand and serve, no net game, but whose quickness and forehand are just so ridiculously good that nobody can beat him.

I sincerely hope, after he has won the 2, 3 or 6 NBA Championship rings that he will inevitably garner, that he maintains his affability.

And speaking of T-Mobile, the NBA Playoffs have been great entertainment this year, even better now that I have HD, but I think perhaps the thing I will miss most when LA gets finished kicking Orlando's ass are the T-Mobile commercials. Despite having seen it 50 times, the one with Yao Ming still makes me laugh ("YAO SAYS EAT THE HEAD!"). The one with Dr J is even better (old geezer with walker: "Hang up the phone Barkley, I'm taking you to the hole").

There are so many horrible commercials out there ("Video Professor" may be the worst TV commercial of all time), I really have to hand it to T-Mobile's ad agency.

And as an old Philly boy and a Sixers fan, I must say Charles Barkley is pretty damn entertaining for an old re-tread. Most re-treads, like John McEnroe, Kenny Smith, and Rusty Wallace, are fingernails-on-the-blackboard annoying. Somehow, Barkley pulls it off.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Albrecht Back On The Snow


Daniel Albrecht is working out with the Swiss team. Amazing.

A couple of strange things, however.

Albrecht says he barely remembers being a ski racer. How odd it must be to snap into a pair of skis and not remember how to ski, yet he can instinctively ski like the World Champion he has been in the past. Wow.

Another strange thing....look closely at the photo accompanying this article. Granted, Ski Racing is one of the worst publications in sports, they are consistently lame, and publisher Gary Black invariably either screws up or ignores facts when he goes off on his wacky, jingoistic, I-Hate-The-Austrians editorials. But to me, the photo looks photochopped. First of all, Albrecht appears to have straddled the gate with his knees, but not with his skis, and yet the flag appear to be behind his head. It looks to me as if somebody chopped in that blue gate pole. The gate pole also appears to have opacity, as his left knee can be seen through the pole. The other odd thing is the angle of his skis don't seem to match his body. There's no way one could view his ski bottoms at the angle shown if his body were in that position. Who knows, perhaps he threw on somebody else's skis on the spur of the moment and the ATOMIC people made them photochop ATOMICS into the pikkie. It's strange to falsify a photo in this context, but when it comes to Ski Racing, they publish so much wacky shi'ite that I've given up being surprised at the depths to which they will stoop.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Dear SkunkBlog Readers,

Have any of you done extensive research into NetBooks? I've got to buy one in the next few weeks, and I've been wading through all sorts of product documentation & reviews.

If you've already got one, or have looked into getting one, and your research came up with a clear winner, then please let me know by leaving a comment herein.

Features I'm looking for include a 10" screen, integrated webcam, and the brightest screen possible, as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Models I've looked at so far are the HP 2140, the Aspire One 150, the Samsung NC10-14, the MSI Wind, and the Lenovo S10-1208. At this point, they all seem to spec out pretty much the same. The Samsung has the brightest screen I've been able to get specific specs on, at 308 NITs, so that one is at the top of my list. The Lenovo no doubt has the best keyboard, as the Stinkpad keyboards pretty much kill everything else out there.

Any comments?