Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Gotta Love Dwight Howard

Even though he choked away Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs by missing two free throws with 11 seconds to go, I just have to love Dwight Howard. As if his T-Mobile commercials with Chuck Barkley and Dwayne Wade weren't hilarious enough, this 23-year-old Superman with the gap-toothed silly grin, the scariest raw talent in the NBA since Michael Jordan, is just so damn likeable.

Check out his goofy impression of Orlando coach Stan van Gundy:


Here's a guy who is already the best Center in the NBA...and he doesn't yet have a jump shot, a hook shot, or a post-up game. Yet. That's akin to a tennis player who wins Wimbledon with a lousy backhand and serve, no net game, but whose quickness and forehand are just so ridiculously good that nobody can beat him.

I sincerely hope, after he has won the 2, 3 or 6 NBA Championship rings that he will inevitably garner, that he maintains his affability.

And speaking of T-Mobile, the NBA Playoffs have been great entertainment this year, even better now that I have HD, but I think perhaps the thing I will miss most when LA gets finished kicking Orlando's ass are the T-Mobile commercials. Despite having seen it 50 times, the one with Yao Ming still makes me laugh ("YAO SAYS EAT THE HEAD!"). The one with Dr J is even better (old geezer with walker: "Hang up the phone Barkley, I'm taking you to the hole").

There are so many horrible commercials out there ("Video Professor" may be the worst TV commercial of all time), I really have to hand it to T-Mobile's ad agency.

And as an old Philly boy and a Sixers fan, I must say Charles Barkley is pretty damn entertaining for an old re-tread. Most re-treads, like John McEnroe, Kenny Smith, and Rusty Wallace, are fingernails-on-the-blackboard annoying. Somehow, Barkley pulls it off.

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