Saturday, June 06, 2009


Dear SkunkBlog Readers,

Have any of you done extensive research into NetBooks? I've got to buy one in the next few weeks, and I've been wading through all sorts of product documentation & reviews.

If you've already got one, or have looked into getting one, and your research came up with a clear winner, then please let me know by leaving a comment herein.

Features I'm looking for include a 10" screen, integrated webcam, and the brightest screen possible, as my eyes aren't what they used to be. Models I've looked at so far are the HP 2140, the Aspire One 150, the Samsung NC10-14, the MSI Wind, and the Lenovo S10-1208. At this point, they all seem to spec out pretty much the same. The Samsung has the brightest screen I've been able to get specific specs on, at 308 NITs, so that one is at the top of my list. The Lenovo no doubt has the best keyboard, as the Stinkpad keyboards pretty much kill everything else out there.

Any comments?

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