Thursday, June 11, 2009

Albrecht Back On The Snow


Daniel Albrecht is working out with the Swiss team. Amazing.

A couple of strange things, however.

Albrecht says he barely remembers being a ski racer. How odd it must be to snap into a pair of skis and not remember how to ski, yet he can instinctively ski like the World Champion he has been in the past. Wow.

Another strange thing....look closely at the photo accompanying this article. Granted, Ski Racing is one of the worst publications in sports, they are consistently lame, and publisher Gary Black invariably either screws up or ignores facts when he goes off on his wacky, jingoistic, I-Hate-The-Austrians editorials. But to me, the photo looks photochopped. First of all, Albrecht appears to have straddled the gate with his knees, but not with his skis, and yet the flag appear to be behind his head. It looks to me as if somebody chopped in that blue gate pole. The gate pole also appears to have opacity, as his left knee can be seen through the pole. The other odd thing is the angle of his skis don't seem to match his body. There's no way one could view his ski bottoms at the angle shown if his body were in that position. Who knows, perhaps he threw on somebody else's skis on the spur of the moment and the ATOMIC people made them photochop ATOMICS into the pikkie. It's strange to falsify a photo in this context, but when it comes to Ski Racing, they publish so much wacky shi'ite that I've given up being surprised at the depths to which they will stoop.

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Mike W said...

oh great Skunk dude..

That would be a training gate they use when your learning how to ski through the gate. They are only about a foot high.

They often use just 12" high things that look like a brush.