Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miscellaneous Geek Stuff

Some miscellaneous geek stuff for my two main conehead brethren, MilesW from Kula and Miguel from Toronto.

A better shot of the antenna arrays at the top of 3G's crane.

By sheer coincidence, the above two pictures fit together almost perfectly.

3G Wireless' operations trailer (not the porta-potty).

This is one of my PCs running Adobe's TourTracker mapping / profile application. John Carter, the executive producer, runs the app.

TV World. We have plenty of space in Escondido. In crowded downtown areas, the two mobile production studios are parked so close, the stairways overlap.

The open door is the Audio Suite. Production is the 2nd door, my home for the past 9 days. Notice the double-wide expando trailer.

Front monitor wall in the Production room. If you look carefully, you can see the Skunkware logo displayed on the GPS Preview monitor, just to the right of the rightmost PROGRAM (big) monitor. Immediately to the right of GPS is the preview for my AKI PAINT virtual telestrator system.

Not just eye candy. These two brainy beauties are the graphics department. Ally (left) and Michelle.

Jack, the Director.

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