Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adios NAB

NAB is the most exhausting thing I've done since I stopped going to the US Open. Last week I was skiing HARD in 15" of fresh powder, all day, hiking up at 8,000 feet, and after two days of that, I felt great. Today, after three days of NAB, I am completely wasted and I can barely move.

The zoo.

Tomas at work in the HEGO CZECH (AKISPORT) booth.

Is Jesper asleep?

One of the highlights of the trip was Eric H from PSSI Satellite Systems stopping by the HEGO booth. Eric is not only a very cool guy, he was the man responsible for putting together our satellite vLAN (ethernet via satellite) at the Tour of California Time Trial intermediate in Solvang, which worked like a champ right out of the box.

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