Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Miguel Torres Winery

This post is for Kristan K from Detroit and Tomas B from Brno, Czech Republic. Wish you two had been here yesterday.

We drove about 6 hours from Santiago down the "central valley" wine-growing region to Termas de Chillan. An amazing area, with hundreds of wineries lining both sides of the road, as far as the eye can see. On the way, the owner of CASA Tours arranged a gourmet lunch for us at the Miguel Torres winery.

Beautiful place, and the food & wines were amazing. We enjoyed a fixed menu of four courses, each with its own wine. Starting off with champagne and something resembling a bruschetta, we moved on to a white wine with a salad, a red wine with prime rib, and a Riesling with dessert (a crepe).

My friend Tomas B would not have bothered buying bottles to take with him. He simply would have bought a cask.

Miguel must make one helluva wine. Check out all the awards.

More awards.

View from the lunch table. Very civilized.

Hungry skiers. Nobody left the Miguel Torres Winery hungry or sober, including Yours Truly.

The coolest part of the winery was their Garden of Variety, which has every grape they grow lined up next to each other.

This way to the Garden of Varieties

Two varieties of grape. It's the middle of winter here, so of course the vines were empty.

All the varieties.


T-Rav said...

I know this post wasn't for me, but I'm jealous - to the extreme! Looks as if you're having a great time.

Tomas Bastinec said...

Hmm, that´s real Chile I like ... to buy bottles is not enough :) You know !

Mike W said...

Oh, God, help me now. Just how are Dick and I going to breathe at 9000 ft.

I guess I don't have to sleep for a week either.