Sunday, October 25, 2009

Royal Pains

Don't know if you've seen the TV series Royal Pains on USA Network, but it's very entertaining. It concerns a "concierge doctor" on call to the rich, famous, zonked-out, and totally psycho in a Richistan haven called The Hamptons, which is out on Long Island.

The Hamptons is a real place. I spent this weekend visiting friends out there.

Nice little $28,000,000 beachfront love shack

Another one.

One thing money cannot buy is good surf. This blown-out lumpy mess is considered epic conditions by the local surfers. Guh....ross! I wouldn't paddle out into this sick blecccch for all the tea in China.
It's October here, the water is about 54 degrees and the air temp is about the same, so the hearty, brave souls around here paddle out into this dreck wearing 5 mil wetsuits, complete with balaclava hoods, gloves, and booties. I shot the shit with a few of the local boyz down at the beach this morning as they waxed up their boards, guys who were stoked to surf in this. Nice guys, but crazy as shithouse rats.

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