Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Is One Clever Teenager.


Now THAT is clever.

As a personal aside, I've always thought North Face stuff was crap, at least as far as skiwear goes. I own none of it. The gold standard, as far as I'm concerned, are Spyder and Descente. FlyLow is my favorite for more backcountry-oriented apparel.


T-Rav said...

How about a nice Mammut (Swiss) Jacket? Or is it North Face with a different logo?

The Mighty Skunk said...

I've seen some really nice Mammut stuff, both for alpine and backcountry. There must be some avid skiers in the design department at Mammut. It's no surprise, as you can spit out a mouthful of Pepsi on any street in Switzerland and splatter at least a few avid skiers.

There are a lot of quality European brands with nice technical features, because Europe has both a lot of winter and a lot of skiing. Some of the Euro brands, like Halti and Bogner, make it over to North America, but many good ones, like Schoffel and Vaude, do not.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest fuckups I know of in my business outfits his crew in Mammut, so just seeing that logo gives me the shakes.