Friday, June 25, 2010

Bayamon, Puerto Rico: The Showjumping Stadium at Central American & Carribean Games

The main reason for my visit to Puerto Rico was to survey the equestrian venue at Julio Monagas Park in Bayamon. Skunkware is doing the timing & scoring for all timed events, i.e. the 3-Day X-C, the 3-Day showjumping, and all the showjumping.

Puerto Rico has received record rains over the past month. Note the massive amounts of mud ringing the main showjumping arena. This tractor is spreading more sand for the jumping surface.

Puddles in the sand arena. There is still a massive amount of painting, grading, and pretty-ing up on the punch list. Note the lights. The showjumping classes will all be held in the late afternoons, as the Puerto Rican climate is too hot, and therefore too hard on the horses, to hold classes in the heat of the day. Just in case the classes run late, the lights will kick in.

The water jump for the 3-Day X-C needs some work....but it suffers from no shortage of water.

The ROC has, very shrewdly, designed the 3-Day X-C course so that it both starts and finishes in the showjumping ring. GREAT IDEA, from the standpoint of spectator seating, timing, scoreboards, sponsorship signage, hospitality, and about a zillion other things. Would be nice if some other events I know (which shall remain nameless) would design their venues this cleverly.

No shortage of electrical power.

The main warmup ring, immediately adjacent to the main sand ring. The In-Gate to the main arena is visible on the far right.

This is the pre-warmup ring, which is up on a bluff, so it drains extremely well. Even so, there are still a few puddles from the record rains.

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