Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Don't Like The TSA


Catchy tune. And the subject, of course, is poignant.

I do not, however, agree with these guys:


One of the most infuriating things (in my estimation) about the whole ridiculous TSA Barefoot Kabuki Dance is that it just takes so fucking long. In this age of science and technology, in which iPhones and Android and noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets can literally change our lives (for the better) overnight, I simply can't believe that Google or Apple or Dean Kamen can't invent a machine which we can walk through, fully clothed, with our laptops in our rollaboards, which will accomplish "security". These new "porno-scanners" may not be perfect, but to me they're a step in right direction, toward what I described in my previous sentence. I really don't give a shit if some Wackenhut-reject knuckle-dragging moron can see my junk or the roll of fat around my beltline. I just want to get through their hoops as quickly as possible and get to the Admiral's Club.

When leaving Hawaii for the mainland, you are scanned TWICE at the airport for FRUIT. I shit you not. You are scanned three times - once by the TSA and twice by THE FDA. I guess Osama must be sitting in his filthy, stinky cave in the mountains of Pakistan plotting to blow up LAX with an orange. It's way more infuriating than the TSA bullshit.

Both are carbuncles on the butt cheek of our society.

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T-Rav said...

I totally agree. I don't care if anyone sees my 'junk.' This scanner is certainly better than a metal detector. The funny thing is that some of the complaints out there are coming from the same people who support torture (waterboarding) when it comes to terrorism. We can can hold a person and provide them a simulated death for little information, but we can't have someone see the image of our body. Don't like it, don't fly - have to fly for work, sorry, get another job.