Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Government Policy vs Good Government Policy

Subject: Yesterday's trip home from Europe. British Air from Munich to London, AA from London to LAX, AA from LAX to OGG.

Good Government Policy: Using the Global Entry kiosk, I passed through United States Customs in Los Angeles in less than 45 seconds. Slapped my hand down on the fingerprint scanner, touched a few boxes, and POOF...I was through to Baggage Claim. I was done and dusted before most people on my flight even got through the cattle guides to start waiting in the Customs line.

Bad Government Policy: I had to go through security screening three, count 'em THREE times. Once in Munich, again after switching terminals at Heathrow, and yet again after arriving at LAX. Passing through Customs at LAX dumps you right out to curbside, so you have to go through the full gamut of TSA Barefoot Kabuki Dance bullshit to get back airside to catch any continuing flights. Grrrrrrr.

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