Friday, February 25, 2011

Shimano Ultegra Crank Failure

I was a very lucky guy today.

I am constantly amused when the guys on my bike team brag about their latest carbon doo-dad which is 120 grams lighter then their old doo-dad.

I don't want something lighter. I want something stronger.

And here's why:

This happened with no warning today as I was climbing Hill 19 out in Kahikinui, a long slow uphill slog out in the middle of Maui's Northern Desert. Kahikinui is a spot from which you can see (when the weather is clear) the twin 15,000-foot peaks of Mauna Loa and Manua Kea on The Big Island (across the Alenuihaha Channel) and the island of Kaho'olawe. There are no homes, no cars, no cellular coverage, no police patrols, and pretty much just a whole lot of nothing out there. Great for peaceful and relatively safe riding, but no so good when a part on your bike shatters.

Fortunately, when it happened I had a good solid hold on the bars, and I didn't go down.

I did have to hitchhike 20 miles back to Kula, but I was picked up by a very nice fellow named Sid in a pickup truck. Sid also rides, so he knew the drill.

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(This is'nt the 'Skunk' blog, it is The MIGHTY Skunk blog; the equipment was merely testifying!)