Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Bathroom Door. Ever.

Today's alpentour started off at the Wildkogel in Mittersill. We (Ted, Hermi6, myself) had a special guest: Petra, niece of the Lady Of The House at Villa Mellon.

Petra at the summit of the Fr├╝hmesser, 2233 meters high. Notice the complete absence of snow. Obviously this side of the summit faces South.

We skied, then summitted the Fr├╝hmesser, then skied some more, then summitted the Steinkogel.

Petra and Hermi6 at the summit of the Steinkogel.

From the top of the Steinkogel we skied down about 1500 feet to a backcountry restaurant called The Steineralm. This place is so far in the middle of nowhere that daily supplies and victuals are delivered by snowmobile and toboggan.

Road? We don't need no stinkin' road.

Once at the Steineralm I sought to go for a pee, whereupon I discovered this extraordinarily clever 3D icon on the door to the WC:

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