Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Toy

Ski season is over. No more powder days. The winter North swells are over, no more big surf days. Other than surfing an occasional mellow South swell, amusement is becoming hard to find.

Hence, my new toy.

Note the four-wheel disc brakes.

Yes, I've already taken a wipeout (at about 25 mph), which is not nearly as much fun on a tarmac road as falling off a surfboard into the ocean or tumbling into 20 inches of fresh powder. But with a helmet, elbow guards, wrist guards, and thick clothing, wipeouts are survivable.

1 comment:

The Big Guy said...

Holy Crap! That thing is way cool!

It looks robust enough to hold someone of my stature, even under maneuvering Delta-V.

Details, man! Details.
Where does one find such a critter?