Saturday, August 06, 2011

ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Watch!

La Niña Watch!!!!

Last winter was La Niña and, very possibly, the best North American ski season in 50 years. If not the best, then definitely top 3. PowMow got 500 inches, and us AT guys were still touring PowMow in June, over a month after the resort closed. Snowbird, which averages about 500 inches, claimed 783 inches (although we all know the Snowbird Marketing department lies like a Fox News commentator). Lifts at The Bird were still running limited service on July 4th. In the Sierras and in Colorado, the backcountry guys are STILL hiking and skiing corn, and it's August....of the hottest summer in 50 years.

NOAA has just issued a La Niña watch for 2011-2012. YEE HAAA! I've got these sitting in my garage, just waiting:

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