Monday, August 21, 2006


Greetings from the US Hopeless, The World's Worst Tennis Tournament. I've said, at times, that I spend 24 weeks a year dreading the US Open, 24 weeks recovering from the US Open, and 4 weeks at the US Open. This still rings pretty much true. As I get older and get kicked upstairs to more and more exotic technical problems at better and better events, the US Hopeless remains the biggest train wreck I can think of in the sports world.

People think the biggest by-product of the US Open is tennis. They are wrong. The biggest by-product of the US Hopeless is chaos. This place is pure, unadulterated chaos. The people who (supposedly) "manage" this place are, by and large, all incompetent fools. The only thing separating this barely-controlled crash from an all-out flaming explosion is our scoring & scheduling systems, a few technical people over in TV world who actually know what they're doing, and a select few "tennis" people down in Referee's and Umpire's who know what they are doing. Everyone else here is, by and large, an amateur.