Monday, August 21, 2006


Yesterday's WTA final in Montreal was delayed a day due to rain. Some genius scheduled the Monday final at 2PM Eastern, despite the fact that no matter what time they scheduled it for, NOBODY will show up on a Monday. Duh.

As a result of the lateness of the hour, the WTA rankings could not be run in time for the US Open womens quali draw to be made at 4. So the WTA ran a partial ranking around noon, which was cool of them, but the rankings weren't available in DB format or any format useful to an IT department. All they provided was a text file, sorted by rank. So the poor Referee's Dept here had to look up the rankings of about 200 players in order to make the womens quali draw.

Montreal should have scheduled their final for 11AM. The players want to get it over with and get the hell outa there, and nobody is going to show up to watch on a Monday, no matter what time the damn match is played.


P.S. - Ivanovic killed Hingis in about 50 minutes. For this, they waited all day. DUH.