Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tour of California - The Madness Begins

Not much has changed. Arrived in San Fran, took a few hours to visit with my parents and my awesomely cool sister, and then the chaos volume knob went straight to ten.

First hotel - the Courtyard Marriott in Los Altos. Scores:

Bathrooms / Showers: 8 out of 10. Convex curtainrod is nice.

Beds: 8/10. Could use a heavier blanket.

Front desk staff: 8/10 Mostly Indian or Pakistani. Very helpful. The one haole back there is a douchebag.

Parking sucks. There's a ghetto-gate over the entrance & exit, it takes forever to get in & out of this damn place.

Bonus points for in-room refrigerator and free high-speed internet.

First stage is a gorgeous venue - right in the middle of the Stanford campus. Should be nice weather too. I hear the weather is going to get bad around Tuesday.

Installed my CGs in the TV production truck yesterday; everything fired right up and genlocked on the first try. Ahhhhhhhh.

The Chyron graphics operator is an attractive blonde named Michelle Bacon. Can you imagine the teasing she took in grade school? She seems to revel in it, however. Her e-mail address is miss_bacon@whatever.

Saturday will be a long day. Breakfast meeting at 7, we'll probably go full-blast to 9 or later.

Unfortunately, Bob Roll is back. Saw him in the hotel lobby yesterday. He cut to the front of the line at the front desk to ask directions to Sausalito. Dickhead. Sherwin & Liggett are back, and there's a new reporter named Mary something-or-other. She's a racer. Carter was talking about her yesterday in the production meeting.

Photos when I get a minute.

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