Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Nice Bump From Rolex


Dr. Michael Huber, Secretary General of the KSC and author of the book Chronicle of a Myth detailing the complete history of the Hahnenkammrennen, declared the 2009 HKR "one of the best in history".

As you can see from the above article, I played a part in that, as did the other 5 guys on my team, and I am mighty proud. Mighty proud. I'm beat up, and I know the other guys are too, but this technological tour de force was three years in the making, and what we accomplished was simply unprecedented. That the official press summary talks about our technology just as much as the racing is really something extraordinary, especially considering the racing was absolutely ferocious.

The HKR is The Super Bowl, and we made it better for the fans and for TV. We have raised the bar. Thanks to Cowper, Miguel, JimmyBob, Andryroo-san, and of course Ted, as well as Hermann, Manu, & Hans from KSC and Roman, Martin, and Albert from Alge for their logistical support.

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The Big Guy said...

Awesome write-up...

"It was in the finish area that the clearest sign of the new technology being used: The Rolex Speedometer gave everyone interested the opportunity to see how fast the racers were going as they came into the finish area."

Great job, Bro.