Friday, January 23, 2009

Nice Bump from Rolex

A nice bump for us in the press today from Rolex. They really are great to work with, and we're certainly giving them their money's worth.

I've been living on DayQuil and Ibuprofin. Check out the enormous bags under my eyes in this photo. I've been hacking, limping, gimping, and wheezing my way through the week. I actually only feel a little bit crappy, but I look like I'm seconds from keeling over:

Link To Photo

Also notice, somewhat embarrassingly, that one of the most prominent features of the photograph is the enormous $70 Timex watch I'm wearing on my right wrist. Oooooops. But I don't own a Rolex and they haven't offered one, so that's the way it goes, sports fans.

Another cool pikkie in the Hahnenkamm News

And here's the article from the Hahnenkamm News:

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