Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canadian Showjumping Masters @ Spruce Meadows, Part Deux

Rubbin' Is Racin'

In a clash of culture perhaps unprecedented in the history of sport, I have brought together NASCAR and the, shall we say, upper crust of professional sport, showjumping. In my own subtle way, of course.

Worlds Collide.

The Spruce Meadows Canadian Masters is the home of the CN International Grand Prix, the world's only million-dollar showjumping class. $350K to the winner. The scoring format is FEI Article 273.3.1, which means only the top 12 finishers from the first jumping round are given a shot at the big bucks by coming back for round 2. Hence, like Sprint Cup qualifying, there is a "Bubble". The SJ world doesn't call it that, of course. But after today, they might.

These Canadians love their showjumping. Packed grandstands for every session.

Rolex gets in on the action.

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