Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Not Missing The US Hopeless

I've been waylaid for a few days with a stomach virus. Finally was able to eat about a quarter of a meal this evening. But (trust me on this) no matter how sick I could possibly be, it's a pleasant walk in the park compared to spending August at the US Hopeless.

Check out this photo of the sidewalk in front of the new squillion-dollar USTA indoor courts / corporate hospitality.

I see not much has changed since my foaming-mouthed rants of 2007:



One of the few things I do miss about the US Hopeless is hanging out (misery loves company) with the IDS crew - Slaw, Lloyd, 'Neck, Dingo, Trampass, Boris, Leroy, Cockroach, Bug, Don Key, and of course my assorted CHUMP Bitches.

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