Friday, November 21, 2008

There's No Dumbass Like a Rich, Arrogant, Ignorant Dumbass


OK....dumb, arrogant, ignorant, rich douchebags are, well, dumb, arrogant, and so forth, so let's make this a multiple choice question:


You're the CEO of a Big-Three auto manufacturing company. You're coming to Washington to beg, hat in hand, for a multi-billion-dollar bailout in front of a skeptical Congress. You're crying poor-mouth, you're vowing change in the way you do business.

Do you:

A) Pile into a plug-in hybrid prototype with the other two CEOs and DRIVE to Washington from Detroit, reaping huge publicity rewards? ("Yo Waggoner - ROAD TRIP!")

B) Drive into Washington from, say, Wilmington, in a 3-car plug-in hybrid prototype convoy, showing off the type of "green" products your respective companies plan to produce once Congress gives you the money?

C) Fly commercial in First Class?

D) Fly commercial in Cattle Class?

E) All three of you get on the telephone, order your respective Gulfstream corporate jets to spool up, and fly all three jets almost side-by-side from Detroit to Washington, spending $7500 an hour apiece on gilded transport?

Take the challenge. Depending on your answer, you may be more qualified to run one of the Big-3 Detroit Automakers than are the current douchebags.

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