Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday - Both Trainings Canceled

They blew off both the mens and womens training runs early today. It's either pissing down rain or puking gloppy slush. Can't tell from the webcams.

So now the questions are....

(1) What will the weather be like tomorrow? Enough visibility to race?

(2) Will the course be usable tomorrow, even if the weather cooperates?

Whistler has a fantastic, well-trained, super-enthusiastic group of course workers called "The Weasel Workers" (closely related to "The Sled Dogs" at Lake Louise) and I'm sure they'll be out there, literally, all night, if necessary. If it's snowing they'll be shoveling the new snow off the course. If it's raining they'll be attempting to sop up the water with ammonium nitrate.

Or perhaps the weather is just such sheisse that Greg will order everyone off the course (lest they ruin the surface for all the subsequent events) and they'll just put themselves at Mother Nature's mercy for tomorrow.

Will be interesting. Wish them luck, because NBC desperately needs that mens DH race on Saturday, and they need either Bode or Vonn to win this weekend, preferably both. As for me, I'll be rooting for Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Eric Guay, Jan Hudec, and Michael Walchhofer.

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The Big Guy said...

Looks like one of your guys is thinking of pulling the plug...