Friday, May 07, 2010

Madonna Inn, Redux

Got an e-mail via iPhone from The Mighty Sister, aka Franklin J Noseman. Somehow SHE wound up at the über-wacky Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo last night.

Just like her brother, yours truly, who wound up at the Madonna Inn twice as a result of collateral wackiness during the course of doing TV graphics for the Tour of California bike race in 2007 and 2008.

Here are links to my two previous blog entries regarding the Madonna Inn:

No TOC for me this year. AEG, the owners of the TOC, entered into a "media partnership" with the Amaury Sport Organization (owners of the Tour de France) for 2010, so the race TV is being produced by a bunch of Frogs. Disgraceful. Shame on AEG (the owners). But hey, it's their race, they can do whatever they want with it, even if it gives American jobs away to fucking Frogs in difficult economic times. But...there WILL be irony, as I'm sure the aforementioned fucking Frogs are going to be freaked out when they check into American hotels to find soap. And showers.

They'll have a helluva time figuring out what those are for.

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