Saturday, May 08, 2010

Shitty Facilities Aren't Unique to the US Open

One of the many, many things I despised about the US Open (for the duration of my 20 years there) were the USTA's terrible facilities. It is, by far, the worst Grand Slam tournament facility, the best being the Australian Open's Melbourne Park. Despite spending $270 million on what eventually became known as Arthur Ashe Stadium, the place was poorly designed, poorly built, and maintenance was non-existent.

The roof leaked like a sieve into our high-tech Batcave when it rained. And not just during The Open. So every year, when we arrived, the place would smell like a mushroom factory, and there would be mold encrusting the roof tiles and the walls.

Well, it turns out the multi-billion-dollar Formula One industry occasionally has the same problems.

This season I have been following the Tweets and Twitpiks of a bubbly young lady by the name of Claire Williams, who works in the Media Department of the Williams Formula One team. As a passionate fan of Williams and McLaren (my favorite teams) and a card-carrying Ferrari-hater, I have found her enthusiastic, extemporaneous comments very entertaining.

This week, at the Spanish GP in Barcelona, the Williams garage sprung a leak. Water poured down into the garage from above, where it is rumoured that the Brembo hospitality suite burst a pipe.

Fortunately for Williams, the leak was dripping into the car area, not the electronics area, where Williams has rows and rows of laptops and LCD monitors.

Of course, one of the biggest leaks in room 1341 at Arthur Ashe Stadium (aka The Batcave) was directly over MY desk. And I do not miss the place one bit.

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