Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge, Bobcats Arena, Charlotte

Nice article this morning in USA TODAY on the PCC. Jay Howard, the owner of the event who is quoted in the article, has a really unique business. His company, JHE, arranges all the razzle-dazzle opening & podium ceremonies for NASCAR and IRL. Rock bands, fireworks, custom staging, Air Force want 'em? Call Jay.

As a special added bonus, my old compadre Trampass is on my crew here. Great to have him in the mix again. He's a NASCAR fan, so he's really digging the show. High-resolution timing and photofinish isn't exactly his bag of croissants (yet), but he's soaking it all in. The circumference of his brainpan is a few mm larger than when we started a few days ago.

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