Friday, July 23, 2010

Anybody Got A Set of Touchpads?

Today started off dry........almost sunny. Then.........all hell broke loose.

Can somebody please ship me a set of swimming touchpads? Easier to hold a swim meet here than an equestrian event.
This is a jump for Sunday's Eventing X-C. At the moment, it looks a bit like a dock.

Must have rained 3" in half an hour. It wasn't even rain, it was more like a waterfall from the sky.

A photo from The Fred out at the velodrome in Aguadilla. Things apparently aren't much better over there. Looks like they had quite a bit more wind than we did.

Aguadilla is about two hours from the equestrian venue. Equestrian and velo are the only sports not being held in Mayaguez.

The little red dot is approximately the location of Julio Enrique Monagas Park, the equestrian venue.

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