Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More On the Worst Airports

My words from a few posts ago regarding LHR proved prescient.

I actually disagree with a few of these.

I really don't mind LAX, as long as you don't have to switch airlines. Switching airlines usually means you have to go out to the curb, take a bus, and come back through security (ugh.), performing yet another useless TS Fucking A barefoot kabuki dance. I connect through LAX on AA at least twice a month. The AA terminal is pretty small, all AA gates are covered by maybe 300 meters. It has a nice Admirals Club, which is never more than a 2 minute walk from any gate.

LAX gets a bad rap.

I really don't mind Frankfurt, either.

Charles DeGaulle...well, for starters, it's in France. Home to the biggest bunch of assholes in one country on the entire planet. Duh.

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Cockroach said...

I agree with on LAX. Not knowing how often you have to fly through Atlanta from the west Coast, it really isn't as bad most people proclaim it to be it's just big. It has adequate train service to other concourses and decent selction of restarants for the longer layovers. I really don't mind Charles DeGaulle that much other than thier complete lack of security. The string of pearls approach is not new it is laid out like Dallas and many other new US Airports. The difference is smelly Europeans are strewn across the floor, becasue there is no place to sit while waiting, not caring if they are in your path with at least 10 peices of carry on luggage each. Miami, it's small it smells and little to no seating and any seating that is available you don't dare sit in it because its filthy.