Thursday, July 29, 2010

Schedule Change!!

Since San Juan's daily mid-afternoon deluges (along with their accompanying lightning and thunder show) have wreaked havoc on the jumping classes, the Ground Jury has rescheduled Friday's Individual Championship from late afternoon to the morning. First round is @9:30, 2nd @ 11. The field is down to 24 competitors.

Therefore, if my plans for shipping the equipment out do not hit any major snafus, I should be able to fly out of here Saturday instead of Sunday.

Normally, shipping stuff out (some via Air Freight, some via Fed Ex) is only a matter of finding the air freight terminal, driving over there at a reasonable hour, and plunking the stuff down. However, in San Juan, things are a little different. Many businesses are closed Fri-Sat-Sun. Even more common is being closed Sat-Sun-Mon.

This country doesn't seem to take work too seriously.

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